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Christmas gift ideas for the musician in your family...

What a crazy year, 2020. Hard to believe it is almost Christmas. I hope everyone has been safe during these trying times. Let's think about cooler weather and look forward to something special, Christmas!

Here are a few gift ideas for that special musician in the family that won't break the bank and will be appreciated, and used, by your loved one.


Panama City Music Lessons for Christmas
Panama City Music Lessons for Christmas

The first gift idea is one I'm partial to, gift certificate for music lessons from Blue Heron Music Studio. That special someone will have the opportunity to not only take lessons, but also make music with other students at our studio jam sessions and workshops. They make a great stocking stuffer (as do many of the items on this list).

At this point, many of these items can be purchased at your local music store. Definitely support local businesses when possible. If you don't have a local music store, Amazon is your second best option.

  • Guitar Strings - Everyone loves the feel and sound of new strings! And at under $10 per pack, you can buy a few sets to last throughout the year. There is a difference between acoustic and electric strings, so this is one that you should shop locally so the employees can point you in the right direction. Or, hit me up, I'll be glad to help!

  • Guitar Strap - A comfortable strap is almost a necessity, if you play for long periods of time. Also, themed straps from pop culture are a fun gift. For example, let's say your wife loves The Simpsons, she would probably dig a leather strap with Homer rockin' the guitar!

Panama City Guitar Lessons
Widdly Widdly Weeeeee
  • Guitar Picks - Most guitar players have a daily ritual of looking for their picks. They can be found in the couch, in or on the dryer, pockets of shorts worn three days ago, you get the idea. Buy a bag of picks for the stocking. Look for assortment bags when you do, it will give your musician something new to try out.

  • Instrument Cables - Cables always wear out over time. Grab a 10-20' instrument cable for the stocking for less that $20.

  • Instrument Maintenance Kit - you can find these for under $20 as well. They include polish, cleaner, scratch free cloth, etc. to keep that instrument looking new. Goes great with new strings. Your musician can change strings and give the instrument a good cleaning to make it look brand new.

  • Concert Tickets - this is one that will be fun for you too. You likely know their favorite bands, so look to see where they are touring next year and buy tickets to see them. You give a great gift and get to see a show as well!


Blue Heron Music Studio is located in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Offering Music Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, and Ukulele lessons.

Call or Email to schedule a free trial lesson.

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