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 Lessons Designed For You 

Panama City Beach Guitar Lessons Blue Heron Music Studio
Music Notation
 Private Lessons 

Students may select 30 minute or 60 minute weekly lessons. Lessons are designed for each individual student and will cover topics such as learning to play, reading music notation, ear training, music theory, songwriting, effective practice strategies, soloing, etc.

Guiar Lesson Jam Session
 Workshops & Jam Sessions 

When learning how to play a musical instrument, your development is significantly enhanced by performing with other musicians. To help students move from the practice room to performing, we host workshops and jam sessions at the studio. These are included in your tuition fee.

Strumming guitar at a recital
 Recital Programs 

Students will have the opportunity to perform at our contemporary recital programs held throughout the year, showing off their hard earned skills to friends, family and new fans! 

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